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Biography of ENOCK

ENOCK is a musician, music producer and Billboard magazine featured recording artist,

born Dec. 2, 1991, from Eric Blackmon, the founder of Funky Stix Music Production Inc., based in the United States. Being attracted toward art and music on the score of innate inclination, He discovered his aptitude in producing besides writing music at a very young age. Love for music along with art is in his blood. ENOCK finds a genuine reflection of his talent in the interminable gusto of people. The multi-year prior experience enables him to create music to fulfill his vision of providing quality entertainment to listeners. In order to satisfy his quest for perfection, it’s his inspiration and goal to record, release and foster quality music categorically.


He not only possesses high esteem in the music world but a great inspiration for the novices.
Being a talented recording artist plus acknowledged musician, “Funky Stix Revenge” is one of his new and current to be famous releases. 


When you wish to have more information about new releases or interested in his current releases and would like to support his music business, just contact him any time at “”.

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